Accessibility tools within Moodle

Moodle Tools

Moodle features an accessibility block and the accessibility ATbar. These tools allow users to personalise the appearance of Moodle to suit their own needs. Personalisation options include, among many others, font and background colours, font size, spelling checker, and text to speech. These settings can be saved for future visits. 

The following video provides a summary of some of the most useful accessibility features:

Browser options
Increasing text size by zooming in most browsers can be achieved by holding the CTRL key whilst pressing the + key (the - key will reduced the size).

Here are some more browser specific accessibility help guides:

Accessibility Statement for Moodle

We have provided a clear and concise Accessibility Statement for Moodle, which includes information on how to report any accessibility issues you may encounter.

Last modified: Friday, 20 September 2019, 2:07 PM