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Performance Rights - Staff Consent

The University acknowledges that performers' rights may arise in respect of staff who make a significant contribution to recordings of taught content.

All performers' property rights in a member of staff's performance are hereby either owned or assigned to the University. Staff agree to irrevocably and perpetually waive their performers' non-property rights that arise from (i) the recording of any taught content, and/or (ii) their employment with the University.

The creation and uploading of any captured, or recording of, taught content to the virtual learning environment constitutes deemed consent to the above provisions.

Use of Recordings - Student Consent

Modules on the virtual learning environment may contain recordings of taught content. These are provided by staff in order to support your learning.

You may only use a recording for educational purposes, and for the purposes of personal study while at the University. You are prohibited from sharing any recordings of taught content, in any format, outside of the University.

The access of taught content on the virtual learning environment constitutes deemed consent to the above.

* If you choose to decline: The University notes that you have declined to give your consent to the University's request in relation to performance rights. You may be contacted so we can understand your reasons for declining consent.